Thursday, April 16, 2009

Blog, blog, everyone has a blog

A day or two ago, I asked members of several networks on LinkedIn if they had a writing or editing blog; I wanted to mention it on my own blog.

Yesterday, I got five replies. This morning, I got one. This afternoon, I got about 20 more.

Anne Wallingford has a blog on copyright and permissions (something tremendously of interest to writers and editors, or should be). The link:

One writer said that she is being hired to start a blog on literacy through the arts. When she sends the URL along, I'll report on it.

Claudia Suzanne mentioned her ghostwriting blog but didn't leave a URL. On her LinkedIn page, I found this blog:, and she wrote this blog on Marketing Overload:

Some sites aren't true blogs. Barbara Nichols gave me the URL for a sales site. She has written an e-book called Word Trippers: then vs. than, effect vs. affect, further vs. farther, less vs. fewer. You get the idea. Here's the link:

Amy Grech's "blog" is filled with Twitter-like shorts, plus video. The link:

All I have time for; more later.

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