Thursday, July 26, 2012

Yes, I'm a versatile editor

People wonder if I'm the kind of editor they're seeking.

I see you've written a lot of sports. You don't edit books about spirituality, do you? Well, yes. I edited a novel on spirituality two years ago, and I edited a non-fiction book about spirituality last year. Both writers were happy, and both were better writers when I finished.

You don't edit books about cosmetics and nail / toenail care, do you? I edited an ebook about nail / toenail care, and she seemed happy, too.

Do you edit for businessmen? Yes, I've done editing for a restaurateur and a lawyer, plus a businessman in Australia who is looking to change the world.

And I recently edited a book on marketing.

I've even edited individual articles before they were sent to online magazines, and I "Americanized" two dozen British non-fiction books so they could be sold in the U.S.

I've also done other editing and proofreading, including novels, non-fiction books, web sites and a doctoral dissertation. 

If you're not sure, just ask. One novelist was uncertain, so I suggested that she pay for one chapter. If she liked my work, we'd continue. I've edited most of two of her novels, and I was pleased to learn that my editing skills work well with fiction. She became a better writer with snappier writing, not so long-winded. And she's interested in me editing a third novel for her.

Another writer wasn't sure, so she asked for references. I gave two names and email addresses, and she came back the next day; she wanted me to edit her book. I think it went well.

At least one would-be novelist found me online last fall. He's learning just how much he didn't know, and he's becoming a better writer. I'm pleased. I look forward to working with him again. He's turning into a real novelist.

The doctoral dissertation was a little tricky, since academic writing is not supposed to be as simple and clear as other writing. It went well, though, and he got his doctorate.

And, yes, I've also edited a lot of sports writing.

What's next? How can I help you?

Contact: You can reach me at or nc3022@yahoo.comAlso, my Twitter handle is EDITORatWORK.

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