Monday, May 4, 2009

You could do Better than That in the 90's

Bad writing and poor punctuation drive me crazy.

"It's enough to feed my husband and I." Ugh. Would you say "It's enough to feed I?" No. So it should be "It's enough to feed my husband and me."

Then there are the millions of people who write about the 90's. You know, the old days. Fifteen years ago. The '90s. Same with the '80s, '70s and other lovely decades. I guess we're in the not-so-decadent, recession-ridden '00s. The double-aughts.

The worst offenders are those who use indiscriminate apostrophe's. Actually, it should be apostrophes. It's not possessive. They are cars, not car's. Books, not book's. And cattle prods, not prod's.

You want more? How about the People who uppercase Words, whether they need it or Not. These People need to be Kicked in the Butt.

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