Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I wonder...

Found online: “In hard economic times we’re creating jobs and delivering clean, affordable electricity."

This isn't a complaint. I just wonder if there's such a thing as dirty, unaffordable electricity. Just asking.

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  1. That second half of the sentence looks ok to me but I get your point. It's the sort of question I often ask when I hear or rad similar constructions.

    But 'hard economic times' looks odd. Better, surely, is 'economic hard times.' Cos 'economic times' doesn't stand alone whereas 'hard times' does.

  2. Hi, Rob. I see your point, and I agree. But I still wonder if there is a source of dirty, unaffordable electricity.

  3. Tom,

    A great observation Tom. Energy, yes. Electricity, not so much.

    However, when I worked at power companies, I visited many sites. It all looked pretty dirty too me.