Tuesday, November 3, 2015

I'll only repeat this once

I was just watching the movie "Desk Set" again, and two things bothered me. In fact, they were in the same conversation.

Spencer Tracy's Richard Sumner told Katherine Hepburn's Bunny Watson that he'd only "repeat" the numbers once. Then he rattled off three phone numbers that he wanted her to repeat.

She paused before answering, and he asked, "Tough question?" "No," she said. "Tough roast beef." Then she gave him the numbers.

One, it wasn't a tough question or even a question. The numbers were facts. And, two, he couldn't repeat anything if he was only going to say it once. He'd just have to say it.

The worst thing is that Hepburn's Watson didn't call him on anything, since she was a know-it-all who rarely let anyone get away with anything. Of course, both of them were just going by the script.

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