Monday, December 23, 2013

Lightning strikes again

In the '80s, I was writing my sports column at the newspaper office, and I didn't realize there was a lightning storm going on outside. We were in the middle of the building and couldn't hear or see anything, and apparently the storm came up after I went to work.

I had finished the column and was just about to hit STORE when lightning struck nearby, and the power went out for a second! Naturally, the column was gone when power returned.

I went in the bathroom, cussed and kicked the plumbing for a few minutes. Then I went back and rewrote the column, better this time.

I also learned my lesson. I began to hit STORE after every paragraph when I was working on my stories. That way if lightning struck again I wouldn't lose the whole column or story, just one paragraph.

Nowadays, I constantly save my stories, whether there's lightning around or not. You never know...


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