Saturday, April 15, 2017

Crawford's, who

FOUND ONLINE: 1903 also marked his second consecutive year leading his league in triples, with 25; the triple was a specialty of Crawford’s, who finished his career with 309 three-baggers legged out in the cavernous ballparks of the dead ball era.

I don't know that I could start a sentence with a number; newspapers don't like it. The part of the sentence with specialty of Crawford's seems awkward.

Crawford led the league in triples for the second consecutive year, with 25 in 1903; the triple was a specialty for Crawford, who legged out 309 three-baggers in the cavernous ballparks of the dead-ball era.

FROM THE SAME ARTICLE: Never the less, Cobb’s advocacy of Crawford is often cited as a contributing factor in his 1957 election to the Hall of Fame.

I believe that it's nevertheless, not never the less.


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