Saturday, July 25, 2009

Things to write about

Word for the day: I just encountered the word obstreperous, one I'd heard before, but I'd never looked up the meaning. According to the online dictionary:
Obstreperous -
- noisy: noisily and aggressively boisterous
- unruly: strongly objecting to something or noisily refusing to be controlled.
That'll get you arrested in most places.

It's English, right? Last month, I did a blog on the differences between U.S. and U.K. English, and I received this comment: And then there is Kiwi English which is another beast again. Even near neighbours like Australians and New Zealanders use English differently. A thong here is underwear - in Australia they're a pair of jandals that you were on your feet. Kiwi English is nearer to British English than it is to either Australian or American English but we have the added advantage of a plethora of Maori words which have come into common usage. I find the divisions of a common language fascinating. Variations in vocabulary and meaning can be an excellent ice breaker in introducing the differences between cultures that on the surface may look very similar but are subtly and often not insubstantially different.

Grammar vs. grammar: You might check out the discussion of grammar in Headsup: The Blog. The writer goes into a lot of detail.

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  1. My mother used to call me obstreperous. But I grew up to be half-decent.

    (I followed you from LinkedIn because I couldn't resist that word from my long-ago childhood. You really can write, although I wouldn't read auto racing topics without being paid.)