Saturday, November 6, 2010

62-24 route

THE EDITORS AT The Associated Press missed this one.

Cam Newton passed for a career-high 317 yards and four touchdowns and ran for a fifth, all in the first half of No. 3 Auburn's 62-24 route of Chattanooga on Saturday.

It was a 62-24 rout, not route, as I'm sure you realized.

HERE'S ONE THAT bothers me.

Coach Dabo Swinney let Parker sit for several plays because of his wildly inconstant play.

I wonder if they mean inconsistent play.

THIS ONE COULD HAVE been simpler.

Quarterback Taylor Martinez did not start for ninth-ranked Nebraska against Iowa State on Saturday.

Cody Green got the start for the Cornhuskers.

Or they might have changed it to this:

Quarterback Cody Green replaced Taylor Martinez in the starting lineup for ninth-ranked Nebraska against Iowa State on Saturday.

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