Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The end (and a new start)

MY NEWSPAPER EDITING career pretty much ended this month, barring a miracle. Media General consolidated its copy desks among the Winston-Salem (NC) Journal, the Tampa Tribune and the Richmond-Times Dispatch, and the Journal no longer has a copy desk. All of the work will be done in Tampa and Richmond.

My wife lost her job as a full-time news copy editor, and my stint as a part-time editor in sports is over.

But I'll remain an editor and writer. In the last two years, I've edited several novels and more than 30 non-fiction books, including inspirational novels and non-fiction, close to two dozen books written in British English, an e-book on nail care and fashion, a doctoral dissertation and more.

I'm looking forward to doing more types of editing and writing. Still, I'm saddened. I was a newspaper writer and editor for more than 31 years. It went away too quickly.

P.S.: The Journal will hire my wife back in early 2015. So at least her newspaper career isn't over.

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