Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Who and whom

Here are several examples of who vs. whom that I've found recently:

Who is it: He's a believer, and so are many of the players, whom have taken on a different mentality, an altered approach, according to tailback Reggie Bush.
Let's change the middle of that to "...the players, who have taken..."

Yes, there are times to use whom, but who should get its due, too.

Found online: After all, whom are the Dolphins going to get to replace Sparano on an interim basis?

That's right. Who would work better here.

Another problem: Therefore, this notion that Rivera can hire someone who might be able to develop an offense that can highlight the skill set of Jimmy Clausen, or whomever is the quarterback, is a little farfetched.

Yes, whomever should be whoever.

Finally: South Florida Sun-Sentinel columnist Dave Hyde declared the Chad Henne era over and advised the Dolphins and their fans to move on to whomever the next guy is. 

Whoever is next will work fine.
More later.

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