Friday, December 7, 2012

Illiterate headline

HEADLINE FOUND ONLINE: Father Demands Pols Remove

The headline writer must have been illterate, er, illiterate.

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  1. WOW! This person needs an editor--better yet, spell check would even have helped.

  2. I agree with Brenda. And it's not just headlines (they just stand out more than text.) I was reading a newspaper the other day and one of the reporters referred to "President Barack." Not "President Barack Obama" or "President Obama." Just "President Barack."
    I had to blink several times to make sure I was reading this correctly.

  3. Reporters and editors have always made mistakes, and they'll continue to do so. The problem is now there seems to be less emphasis on editing. Just five years ago, my stories got a good reading before the copy editors got them, and then they'd be raked over the coals again. Now, I write fewer stories, and the local newspaper has fewer people to edit them. My wife (laid off in December of 2010) visited the newsroom the other day and said it looked deserted.

    Thanks for the comments.