Sunday, September 18, 2016

Less poignant

FOUND ONLINE: When you’re thinking about a galaxy filled with planets to explore, the problems of our daily lives might seem less poignant.

I'm not sure poignant is the right word in this case. Here are a few definitions (with at least one I'd never heard of):

  1. 1 :  pungently pervasive <a poignant perfume>
  2. 2 a (1) :  painfully affecting the feelings :  piercing (2) :  deeply affecting :  touching b :  designed to make an impression :  cutting <poignant satire>
  3. 3 a :  pleasurably stimulating b :  being to the point :  apt
None of those meanings work here for me. I might swap poignant for important.

HEADLINE FOUND ONLINE: The Effects of Climate Change is Alarming

Yes, the effects ARE alarming.

So: The Effects of Climate Change are Alarming

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