Friday, April 9, 2010

Declared studs

DEAD HEAD: The N.Y. Post often writes suggestive headlines, but Nets gushing over 'declared' studs gave me pause. These "studs" apparently are actually college basketball players who have declared for the NBA Draft. Not as provocative as it sounds.

UNIFORM ANSWERS: I've been watching the news about the University of Virginia's new football uniform, and an unexplained word got me worried. A writer wrote that UVa's football folks were going to Oregon to see about their new unis. Naturally, I assumed (along with a lot of other folks) that the Cavaliers' new uniforms would look like the elaborate and patently ugly unis worn by the Oregon Ducks.

Turns out that they went to Oregon to talk to Nike. The new uniforms, in Nike's Pro Combat series, have minor changes, better cloth and more color combinations. Sometimes a hint needs explaining. Whoo.

Why mention this here? This is all about words. And poor communication.

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