Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A small word

WHEN I SAW THE WORD minim, I naturally thought of minimum. It turns out I was right.

Minim means 1. the least quantity of anything, 2. the smallest unit of liquid measure, 1/60 of a fluid dram, roughly equivalent to one drop, 3. a musical note, formerly the shortest in use, but now equivalent in time value to one half of a semibreve; half note, 4. something very small or insignificant.

It's the least I could write.

THE N.Y. TIMES HAD AN interesting story today on the effect kindergarten teachers had on people throughout their lives. A study showed that a great kindergarten teacher was worth $320,000 a year. That’s the present value of the additional money that a full class of students can expect to earn over their careers.

It makes me wish I had gone to kindergarten; I think the closest kindergarten to us was in the next county.

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