Sunday, March 11, 2012

Writers' questions for me

When writers contact me, they usually ask two questions: How much do you charge? And do you edit my kind of writing?

First, the charge. If it's long (novel, non-fiction book, academic dissertation), I charge one cent a word. I recently cut a doctoral candidate some slack, and I've done that for a novelist or two, but normally that's the charge. Everything else, I charge case by case. I prefer not to charge by the hour (although I do occasionally, if the client insists). I'd rather do a great job than worry about time.

Second, do I edit your kind of writing? Almost certainly. I've edited a doctoral dissertation. I've turned British books into something for a U.S. market. I've edited non-fiction and fiction books about spirituality, non-fiction self-help books written for the British, and an ebook about hand and foot care.

I've edited and proofread novels, non-fiction books, and one ebook. I've edited for a Canadian student, a lawyer from Virginia, a restaurateur in North Carolina, a bookseller from Virginia, and businessmen from Australia, and I've re-written web sites.

And that's a tip of the iceberg.

If you have questions, just ask. I suspect I can help.

Contact: I can be reached at or Also, my Twitter handle is EDITORatWORK.

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