Sunday, June 21, 2009

What is (or was) Tom up to?

I like to Google myself every now and again to see how I'm doing on the Internet. My last Google was for "Tom Gillispie" writer, so this time we're doing "Tom Gillispie" editor.

Here's my most recent search:

1. Tom Gillispie " ...
I'm a professional editor, writer, proofreader, page designer and photographer. I'm concise and precise, and my editing can make your writing sing. - Cached - Similar -

It looks like my blog, but it's my profile page on the Ecademy business networking site. Not the worst thing to come up first.

2. Saluting the best - Ecademy
Jun 20, 2009 ... (NOTE: You can find more blogs like this at Tom — Tom Gillispie Rural Hall, N.C. (USA) ... - Cached - Similar -
More results from »

I posted a blog on Ecademy, a rewrite of one I did on; this is it. That's a good thing to come up.

3. TG Writer
Tom Gillispie: Rural Hall, NC, United States: I was a career newspaper writer and copy editor, and I've written for many newspapers, magazines, ... - Cached - Similar -

This is my writing blog; another good thing. I'm doing the SEO thing right, apparently.

4. Tom Gillispie (TGilli) on Twitter
Name Tom Gillispie; Location Rural Hall, NC; Web http://tg-editor-... Bio I was a career newspaperman, and now I'm a freelance editor and writer. ... - Cached - Similar -

My Twitter page. I've found this to be a pretty good place to promote yourself.

5. Tom Gillispie writer/editor's Ryze Business Networking Page
Ryze Business Networking, make business connections, make new contacts and friends. - Cached - Similar -

My Ryze business networking page — I'm not doing much on Ryze nowadays.

6. Tom Gillispie - LinkedIn
Greensboro/Winston-Salem, North Carolina Area - Editing and writing professional
Tom Gillispie's Summary. I was a career newspaper writer and copy editor, and now I'm a full-time freelancer. I'm a terrific editor and a good writer, ... - Cached - Similar -

My LinkedIn page. We're hitting all of my business networking sites. That's cool.

7. TG-Editor-Proofreader: What's going on with Tom?
Tom Gillispie writer/editor's Ryze Business Networking Page ... Tom Gillispie's Summary. I was a career newspaper writer and copy editor, ... - Cached - Similar

This is a blog I did in which I Googled the Internet for "Tom Gillispie" writer. Sounds familiar.

8. Welcome to TG Writer
"I write because no one will buy my dreams." – Tom Gillispie. Tom Gillispie: Writer/Editor/Desktop Publisher/Photographer ... - Cached - Similar -

This is my regular business site — I wish it had come out No. 1.

9. socialmedian: What I do, take two [Tom Gillispie]
I recently wrote a blog about what I do as an editor, and I've read that thing four or five times since. It was pretty good, I guess, but it didn't te. - 10 hours ago - Similar -

This is a search site that found I blog I did today on Ecademy.

10. Blogger: User Profile: Tom Gillispie
Tom Gillispie. Age: 56; Gender: Male; Astrological Sign: Scorpio; Zodiac Year: Dragon; Industry: Publishing; Occupation: writer/editor/photographer ... - Cached - Similar -

This is my blogger profile. It's a pretty good top 10 for a writer and editor. A client can learn a lot about me quickly.

The next page has brought up two places to buy my books, my LinkedIn directory, my Ryze page again, my XING page, a place to buy my first book, a blog entry here, something on Twitter, a site that sells my Dale Earnhardt book (Angel in Black: Remembering Dale Earnhardt, Sr.), and a story I wrote for the Wilmington (N.C.) Star-News in 1986.

Boy, I really got around.

Overall, it's a great search; someone could learn about me and my books, and he could read a story I wrote when he was in sixth grade.

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