Thursday, June 4, 2009

Busted headlines

I recently blogged on my own headline (Suicide Attempt Backfires), and I just read a blog about a messed-up newspaper headline. I won't go into details, but the headline in the Saturday paper said that a Gaston man was being held in the death of a missing North Carolina woman.

The following day, the drop head (not the main one) amended that to Gadsden man. Oops. The paper finally ran the correction on Tuesday.

You can read the blog entry, Gaston, Gadsden, what's in a name, at Common Sense Journalism.

More what's in a name? Years ago, I was reading a newspaper story about the new basketball coach at a local college. The story called the coach Gene; the next day, another story on the coach spelled it Jene. Another oops. ... Several years later, a clerk in our sports department covered a local American Legion baseball game and spelled the coach's name Frazier. The next day, I covered the team, and, to be sure, I got the coach to spell his name. F-R-A-S-H-U-R-E. Major oops.

Blogs to check out: I found a blog today on Misplaced and dangling modifiers. The writer described it pretty well. ... Boomers Write has a list of markets. ... Hope Clark has a blog on would you rather publish or write? Me, I like to write and be published. ... Here's a blog entry on the use of duct tape in headlines. I'm not kidding. ... These Words has a blog on The Writer Re-Organizes. It sounds like something I'd have to do.

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  1. Thanks for the mention, Tom. Your blog is the subject of my Twitter today. I like your photo blog. A focused subject is always better than a panorama, I say.