Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Copy editing resources

I often search the Internet for writers' resources, and that led me today to search for copy editing resources. Veteran Googlers will understand this. I searched for copy editing resources and got 22 million responses. Then I searched for "copy editing" resources, making sure to put the double quote marks in the right place, and I got only 590,000 pages.

The first was found at the American Press Association site, and it listed resources at several sites.

Through API, I found The Slot;, the home site for the American Copy Editors Society.

There was Towson State's Copy Editing Resources.

I found some of the same sites on the Google Directory of Copy Editing.

I came across A Capital Idea, a blog by Dallas Morning News copy editor Nicole Stockdale. Nicole's blogs range from very short to very long.

I found the John Brenner Editing Test on the Kansas University School of Journalism site. Beware; it'll make even an old copy editor work.

There's a page on How to Edit Your Own Writing.

I found the Midsummer Institute for Midcareer Copy Editors. The site even has something from someone I know, Andy Bechtel, a J-School professor at the University of North Carolina.

I came across the E-resources for Copy Editors on the New York University site.

Finally, I came across Wikipedia's page on Copy Editing.

It's amazing what one can learn about copy editing.

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