Sunday, June 7, 2009

Learning from your mistakes

Years ago, I wrote a story about a guy going into a sports hall of fame. Don't remember who it was or the HofF.

Anyway, I wrote that he'd gotten his just deserts, he'd gone into the HofF. Fine.

When I got back to the office, I found that the copy editors had turned just deserts into just desserts. Actually, just deserts is correct. I looked it up, made a copy of the dictionary page and left it in my friend's mail slot; he'd edited the story. The dictionary said that just deserts had the same root as deserves, so I knew I was right.

The next day, I found the same piece of paper in my mail slot, with a not-so-nice euphemism scrawled on it in big letters. We weren't really friendly for a few days, but we got over it. Probably 15 years later, we're in different states, but we exchange regular emails. In fact, I just sent him an email about a story on a man who coached his favorite NFL team, then coached my team.

But I did learn from the error. Never use just deserts in a story — unless some chef is being honored, and just desserts will have a double meaning — and never show your friend up with a dictionary.

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