Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Over 15 years

Just found: "Photo Editor with over 15 years in the industry" — no, sorry. That's more than 15 years.

This is "a website which seeks to inform and educate our visitors." No, it's a web site that seeks...

"This near death experience" would work better as this near-death experience. Help the reader.

I found Yeshiva World News online. Don't they realize the acronym (YWN) sounds like Y-A-W-N? That's like having the Kremlin Radio Directorate (KRD).

I was excited about following an editor on Twitter until he/she spelled a word enviormental. I do have to admit that I realize what they're trying to say, and I'm still following him/her, for a while, at least.

Elsewhere, I found a supposed writer who has 11,660 followers. I wonder what they see in her.

I also found an online photo of a store sign DANALS with the D and S dark. Think about it. Under the photo, it said, The Importance of Editing, Neon Edition. On the same page was a photo of a Dead End sign, with a cemetery behind it. Now that's a perfect headline.

U2? I hate it when people abbreviate words in messages. Hi, how RU? I see U like K9s. Me 2. I have a product that's good 4 dogs. No, thanks. UR making me sick.

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