Saturday, August 29, 2009

Blogs to watch

Here's a look at some of the interesting blogs I've found:

Going verbal: Here's a blog about some of the tangled webs that are woven in the NY Times. It's called Subject, Meet Verb, and a lot of subjects and verbs here don't match. Apparently they need a few good editors and some tighter writers. There are several other stories there on writing.

Getting in the way: Here's a blog about NY Times reporters and columnists becoming part of the news they're covering.

Grammar's my life: I don't know if this is a perfect source, but you might check out I've added it to the links on this blog. This particular page is concerned with punctuation with hyphens.

Check this: Here's a NY Times blog on When Spell-Check Can't Help.

Buzzed words: If you read this blog long enough, you'll realize that I have my opinions about grammar, words, writing and editing. There are dozens of words that irritate me, words that are overused or pretentious. My "favorite" is facilitator, and, yes, facilitator is mentioned on this list of Overused Business Buzzwords.

Readers' representative: You might look at The Public Editor, which takes a close look at the NY Times.

More later.

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  1. I found that spellcheck doesn't always work when editing a student's "collage essay." "But" she argued,"I spell checked twice."

    Of course, it was because there's a word "collage" that is spelled just that way. She just didn't read the paper over after spell check had done its thing.