Monday, August 17, 2009

Yang, smiling, said

Found online: “You never know in life, this might be my last win as a golfer,” Yang, smiling, said through an interpreter. That's the newspaper's style, but it's awkward. The last part of that would read better as ," a smiling Yang said through an interpreter.

Headline edit: Buccaneers’ Williams Ready to Roll After Second Knee Injury in Two Years

That is okay, but you have to realize that Carnell Williams' nickname is Cadillac. You might change that head to:

Buccaneers’ Cadillac Ready to Roll After Second Knee Injury in Two Years.

Here's a story edit: But when the Dolphins need to convert a critical third-and-8 play, whom will defenses worry about? Whom or who? To my ear, it's who.

Comment: I thought I'd pass along a comment from Joy Matkowski: My mother used to call me obstreperous. But I grew up to be half-decent.

Get it out: Here's a story about a newspaper's right to reveal court-sealed information.


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