Saturday, August 1, 2009

A real stinker

Open hailing frequencies: I'm reading a Star Trek novel — so sue me; I like Star Trek — and I came across the word putrescent. From context, I thought of putrid, and that fit with the description of this "Type M" planet. So I looked it up.
pu·tres·cent (py-trsnt)
1. Becoming putrid; putrefying.
2. Of or relating to putrefaction.
[Latin putrscns, putrscent-, present participle of putrscere, to rot, inchoative of putrre, to be rotten, from puter, putr-, rotten; see p- in Indo-European roots.]
Formal becoming putrid; rotting: putrescent toadstools [Latin putrescere to become rotten]
putrescence n
Yep; it's a real stinker.

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