Sunday, August 2, 2009

All over the place

Rambling man: I was reading a NY Times story on comedian/actor Tom Arnold and the writer said, "He told a discursive story..." I'd never heard of discursive, so, naturally, I looked it up.
Pronunciation: \dis-ˈkər-siv\
Function: adjective
Etymology: Medieval Latin discursivus, from Latin discursus, past participle of discurrere to run about — more at discourse
Date: 1598

1 a: moving from topic to topic without order : rambling b: proceeding coherently from topic to topic2: marked by analytical reasoning3: of or relating to discourse
— dis·cur·sive·ly adverb
— dis·cur·sive·ness noun
Yes, that sounds like Tom Arnold; but in a good way.

Special blog: You might check out the highly visual but very verbal blog of Maira Kalman; it appears on the NY Times web site. So far, I've read a lot about two of my heroes, Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin.

Who would have imagined that I'd get Tom Arnold, Ben Franklin and Mr. Jefferson in one blog entry?

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