Sunday, October 11, 2009

Declared ineligable

Spell it: I was watching ESPN's college-football show, and they had a line at the bottom of the screen that said that Dez Bryant was declared ineligable. Two or three minutes later, they changed it to ineligible.

Head game:
You've heard of the "Dog Whisperer," and had this provocative headline on its story, "Whispering to Rottweilers, and to C.E.O.’s". I prefer CEOs, though. ... Here's a Times headline about the Minnesota Twins dumping the Metrodome for an outdoor park -- "No Roof? Twins Say They Have It Covered". Nice. The story, however, eventually came out with this headline -- Twins Say Farewell to Season and Dome. Oh, well. ... An AOL Sports story, Twins' New Home on Target, takes advantage of the new name of the new park, Target Field.

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