Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A leaner Twitter account

I'm always fussing because I've reached 2,000 people I'm following on Twitter, and I can't follow anyone else. Why? If you're following 2,000 folks and only 1,150 people are following you, they halt your following.

So today I culled 350 or more people I was following. Then I culled out another 800. Why? They weren't following me. Now I can follow some other folks. It was time-consuming, but I hope it'll be worth it. It felt good, anyway.

It was unbelievable some of the people I was following. I guess I followed them because they were following me at some point. Then they dropped me. Now they're dropped.

Why mention this on an editing/writing blog? Get real. If you're a writer or editor and have a Twitter account, you're trying to get every advantage you can. There's no point in following someone who isn't following you; a leaner account is a good thing.

Any comments on writing, editing or Twitter?

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