Sunday, January 5, 2014

Literary agent's blog

Blog: You might check out Janet Reid's blog called Janet Reid, Literary Agent. It looks like a good place to ask questions, read her answers to other people's questions and get to know a literary agent a little bit.

Links: On my web site, I have links to some of my stories online. Among the links is a story on Chris Paul, the basketball star.

Editorial group: If you're a writer, editor or general freelancer, you might check out my Freelance Writers and Editors group on Yahoo. We've been really active lately, and I think we've become useful to each other. It's a good support group.

Your own blogs: If you have an editing or writing blog (or if you have a particular entry you're proud of), let me hear about it. It doesn't even have to be a writing or editing blog. I just like good writing. Thanks.

Check it out: You might look at Funds for Writers, which specializes in grants for writers.

Contact: Reach me at or

(a book of great stories about the Intimidator)
(the book of great NASCAR stories)

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