Tuesday, October 18, 2016

A all-purpose running back

FOUND ONLINE: Christian McCaffrey is a all-purpose running back who makes plays all over the field.

McCaffrey is an all-purpose running back.

FROM THE SAME ARTICLE: There are a lot of media outlets that have notices the Packers offensive struggles.

I hope the writer meant noticed, not notices. Also, you could cut out part of that sentence.

A lot of media outlets have noticed the Packers offensive struggles.

SAME WEB SITE, DIFFERENT ARTICLE: We are now through the first six weeks of the football season — an you believe the season is almost half over?

I had to read this twice. The writer meant CAN you believe...

FROM THE SAME ARTICLE: Both Ben McAdoo and Joe Philbin were championed by Rodgers and neither are still in Green Bay.

Neither IS...

ALSO FROM THE SAME ARTICLE: Cleveland could legitimately end both their NBA and MLB championship draughts — one of which would be an accost to history — while the Browns continue to toil away. 

I believe the writer meant droughts, not draughts. I'm not sure what he/she meant by accost. Do you?

There are plenty of other typos or mistakes in this story; I won't list them all here.

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