Sunday, March 26, 2017

Where's the 'p'?

FOUND ONLINE: Thomson and the Front Office's Offseason Apathy are Holding Green Bay Back

From the same story: General Manager Ted Thomson’s free agent philosophy is well known by now.

The problem is that his name is Ted Thompson, not Ted Thomson. The writer misspelled his name in the headline and throughout the story.

From the same story: Even on the offensive side of the ball the Packer’s look shaky.

The writer consistently says Packer's instead of Packers, as though he/she needs to use an apostrophe to make it plural. (You don't.)

P.S.: I read the rest of the story and noticed they spelled Thompson and Packers correctly down there. That's something, at least.

FROM ANOTHER STORY: He has more receptions in his first three seasons than any other receiver in history during their first three years.

You don't need to say first three years or seasons twice in one sentence.

He has more receptions in his first three seasons than any other receiver ever.


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