Thursday, June 10, 2010

Say it again

I JUST FOUND SOMETHING online that could use editing. A writer tried to write a transition paragraph and instead formed a redundancy.

Colorado's president said his school was a "perfect match" for the Pac-10.

"The University of Colorado is a perfect match -- academically and athletically -- with the Pac-10," Bruce D. Benson said in a statement.

Yes, it's a perfect match, but couldn't you have found something else to say? This is like saying Smith said he had a great day and following it with "I had a great day," Smith said.

Instead of the lead-in paragraph and the quote, he might have just paraphrased. In a statement, Colorado president Bruce D. Benson said that the university is a perfect match -- academically and athletically -- with the Pac-10.

Hey, it's not that great a quote in the first place.

I wonder if redundancy is a word? Maybe I should have said "...and wound up being redundant."

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