Monday, July 12, 2010

An almanack

THAT EXTRA 'K': I always assumed that Ben Franklin's famous book was Poor Richard's Almanac. It's not. He spelled it 'Poor Richard's Almanack.' For some reason, the 'k' has been lost over the years.

BOOK IT, DANO: Here's a resource for book publishing.

HYPHEN? A lot of newspapers say that so-and-so is going to the playoffs for the third-straight year. I don't think you need that hyphen.

APOSTROPHE, DANO: I just saw a story that talked about the Dolphin's Dan Marino. Actually, he was the Dolphins' Dan Marino.

ACES BLOG: I'm a member of ACES, the American Copy Editors Society, and you might check out Charles Apple's blog.

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