Friday, May 20, 2011

Singular and plural teams

I ALWAYS HAVE a problem with sports mascots that aren't plural. I just found a headline that said Thunder get even. That makes it sound like Thunder is plural. No, thunder is singular. Dolphins are plural. So are Lions, Tigers and Bears. (Oh, my.)

Utah Jazz is singular. So is St. Louis Blues. Both names indicate music, with St. Louis actually using a musical note for a logo. The Stanford Cardinal is singular, since it's a bright red. I would think that Crimson Tide is singular, too.

The local baseball team here, the Winston-Salem Dash, was named for the hyphen in Winston-Salem. Instead of the Dash, the team would correctly be the Hyphen. And, yes, the Dash is another singular team. I liked it when the team was called the Warthogs; I miss Wally the Warthog.

There's always a disagreement at a newspaper office over singular and plural headlines. Headline writers always make the St. Louis Blues plural — Blues defeat Canucks -- but technically it's probably wrong.

It would be so much easier if they'd just name teams the old way: the Packers, the Lakers, the Orioles. But no. Those days are gone.

I'm waiting for a team called the Blunder.


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