Monday, September 26, 2011

Who vs. whom, again

I hate to go back to "who vs. whom" again, but it appears necessary. Found online:

After all, whom are the Dolphins going to get to replace Sparano on an interim basis?

That's right. Who would work better here.

Oops. I just noticed the sentence in front of the one above.

That is — regardless of what the mob with torches and pitchforks wants — the correct tact.

Tacking comes from sailing, and it would be the correct tack, not tact.

By the way, someone on LinkedIn has said that people are using "cache" when they mean "cachet." You're right; two different things.

It reminds me of the "writer" who talked about a two-carrot earring. That would be two-carat, not two-carrot. Bugs Bunny, an expert on carrots, would know the difference.

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