Thursday, September 1, 2011

My chat on Savvy Authors

I enjoyed my chat on Savvy Authors Saturday, but I came away a little puzzled. I assumed from talking to Savvy Authors people that we were going to talk a lot about how to improve your self-editing skills.

No one asked about that.

Instead, people asked about how much I charged, my credentials, my strengths and weaknesses as an editor. One writer said that anyone could claim to be an editor, an implication that I ignored. I told him to read my editing blog (this one) and get a feel about my ability to edit. I also suggested he ask for references.

My goal wasn't to put him in his place, although my emotions told me to do that. I like to edit and improve your writing. It's fun; it's useful, and it's a living.

By the way, check out my column on Savvy Authors called
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