Friday, April 6, 2012

The NASCAR book

I've been pretty quiet on this blog lately, and it's all because of the book.

I recently sent in the final anecdotes for "Then Junior Said to Jeff...", a non-fiction book of NASCAR stories. I didn't write "Then Junior Said to Jeff..." Jim McLaurin and the late David Poole wrote the book in 2006, but Jim asked me to update it for Triumph Publishing.

I kept up with my other duties — I write sports stories for the Winston-Salem (N.C.) Journal and auto-racing stories for the Hickory (N.C.) Daily Record, and I edit when I find the work. But the book has dominated my thoughts.

I added nearly 20,000 words of stories for the book.

My deadline was April 15, and I made it by April 5. And now I can think about other things.

And, yes, we're in the editing process.

(NOTE: The book is available here on

Contact: I can be reached at or Also, my Twitter handle is EDITORatWORK.

(a book of great stories about the Intimidator)
(the book of great NASCAR stories)

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