Thursday, April 21, 2016

Allude potential tacklers

FOUND ONLINE: Miami will be looking for a back with size and power that can still be quick and allude potential tacklers. 

I hope the writer meant elude, not allude.

JUST FOUND ONLINE: When Forro says they started the renovation plans from the premise of improving not only the in-game atmosphere but also the entire experience of coming to a game, he’s eluding to previous complaints from fans that getting to the stadium and parking could be quite the ordeal.

At the top, the problem was using alluding rather than eluding. Here, the writer is using eluding when alluding is correct. Also, she writes really long sentences.

ALSO FOUND ONLINE: "Juan is big and he's fast and he was trying really, really hard. And as we started practice, he's big and he's fast and he tries really hard. And then as practice kept going, he's big and he's fast and he tries really hard.

"I like big, fast guys that try hard, and that's what he keeps doing, so that's why he's playing." 

Apparently he's big and fast and tries hard. I'd have found a way to edit that down. One time would be enough. This is overkill.

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