Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Extremely exceptional

FOUND ONLINE: The encouraging sign is that the defense was extremely exceptional.

Extremely exceptional? Can you have mildly exceptional or averagely exceptional? To me, if it's exceptional, it's exceptional.

FROM THE SAME ARTICLE: However, I am happy that head coach Adam Gase apprehends that was a repugnant performance by the Miami Dolphins offense.

I'm not sure I'd use apprehends here. Understands would do fine. Also, you don't need to say Miami Dolphins offense. Offense would do, since Miami Dolphins was mentioned earlier.

FROM A DIFFERENT ARTICLE: Training Camp usually sees a good amount of players come and go on a team’s roster, and that has rung true so far with the Miami Dolphins.

There's no reason to uppercase camp, and a good number of players come and go.

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