Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mild into wild

NASCAR IS GOING TO LET its drivers drive with more abandon this year, and it wasn't easy to write a headline for the newspaper story. Because of the subject, I didn't want to go too strong on the headline -- I'm working on the sports rim at the local newspaper -- and I didn't want to go too soft. Kind of like the commercial with the guy shooting blue paint.

So I came up with this: NASCAR turning mild into wild for fans. I like getting wild and mild in the same headline.

As usual, I'm doing the men's and women's college-basketball roundups, and I need to pick and NFL story (we don't have room for both AFC and NFC). And I'll edit stories as needed.

I found this in a recruiting story: All three can signing binding letters-of-intent Feb. 3, at the start of the NCAA signing period for football. I changed signing to sign.

I struggled with the Colts-Jets headline, and it wound up: Jets’ ‘D’ can be a big roadblock for Colts’ offense.

I had to go to several web sites to find game results for the basketball roundup (we merged the men's and women's roundups together and led with the women). I just send the basketball roundup, so that's a load off my mind.

We have a little over an hour before deadline.
It's still more than 45 minutes before deadline, but proofs have been read. We're done.

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