Sunday, January 10, 2010

A headline edit...

NEEDS WORK: This headline was found online today — Dallas wins first playoff game since 1996.

The problem is that it wasn't the Cowboys' first playoff game since 1996; it was the 'Boys' first playoff win since '96. So they might change the head to Dallas gets first playoff victory since 1996.

JUST WONDERING: The NY Times ran a story about the New England Patriots with these two quotes...

“I understand that’s a lot of talk on the outside, but there’s turnover every year,” Warren, a defensive lineman, said.

“Having an elite coach and an elite quarterback, that’s a pretty good combination,” said Robert K. Kraft, the Patriots’ owner.

You'll notice the difference in attribution, and I have to wonder why they did it. The first splits Warren said with Warren's position. The second uses a smoother approach as it adds Kraft's position. I like the second way better, and I'd prefer they do that both times. Consistency is a good thing, and the Times' editors would agree.

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