Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Penultimate game?

Here are a few things that needed editing:
  • Since the 2000 season there have been nine Super Bowls played, which means 18 teams advanced to the penultimate game. Penultimate means next-to-last. Since the Super Bowl is the ultimate game, penultimate doesn't work here.
  • UAB is averaging 38 rebounds per game, to only 30.8 for its opponents. UAB is outrebounding opponents, 38-30.8.
  • “He wants the same things I do,” Holmgren said. “We want the team to be better, we want to win, we want the fans to feel good, we’re going after the same thing.” Most editors would leave this as it is. But there's a more emphatic way to say it.
“He wants the same things I do,” Holmgren said. “We want the team to be better; we want to win; we want the fans to feel good.

"We’re going after the same thing.”
  • The wide receiver, son of ESPN analyst Craig James, got a hostile reception all night from the crowd, who booed the sophomore so loud that it drowned out the marching band at halftime. How about loudly instead of loud?
  • The ... girls basketball team played the roll of “Grinch” Tuesday, stealing everything in sight from visiting Martinsville. Yes, that appeared around Christmas, but I just noticed it. That's role, not roll.
  • This headline was found online today -- Dallas wins first playoff game since 1996. The problem is that it wasn't the Cowboys' first playoff game since 1996; it was the 'Boys' first playoff win since '96. So they might change the head to Dallas gets first playoff victory since 1996.

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  1. Great content. I agree with the point on the use of roll and role. It shouldn't be that difficult.
    In May of last year I did a post on my blog about the same topic.