Monday, February 1, 2010

An Oops! headline

Someone made a mistake with the headline for the story on the NFL Pro Bowl. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution wanted to highlight Matt Schaub, a former quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons, and Roddy White, a current wide receiver for the Falcons. So they mixed and matched, and made a mistake.

The headline says Schaub helps AFC beat NFC 41-34 in Pro Bowl, and the drop-head is He has eight catches for 84 yards. The drop-head's purpose is to flesh-out the main head, but the wrong guy is fleshed-out in this case.

It was White, not Schaub, who had the eight catches for 84 yards, so it's obvious the main headline started out about White and was changed to Schaub and they didn't change the drop-head.

I'm not ragging on the AJC. Folks make mistakes, and I suspect it happened when the story was sent to the AJC's web site.

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