Friday, March 5, 2010

The Bronco's from Boise State

TODAY, I FOUND an online sports article that needs a lot of help. I won't edit the entire article, but let's look at a few points.

Even with a head football coach that drips with class, the fans of the Bronco's from Boise State have made great strides in the race to become college football's most arrogant and cocky. Yes, it's Broncos, not Bronco's. The unnecessary apostrophe is used later in the story as well.

Oregon has some of the rudest most bazaar fans in the world. That would be rudest, most bizarre fans.

If you do go to Baton Rouge for a game and your team is leading in the third quarter, it's might be a good time to leave. It might be a good time to fix this.

When the Tiger's fans are off the bottle, the still rank high on my list. The LSU Tigers' fans are great in number.

If you frequent some of the college football blogs you know doubt have seen many posting by the Alabama faithful. No doubt you've noticed the need for editing here.

No, I'm not ragging on sports writing. News writers need editors, too.

This isn't a bad writer; this person just needs to self-edit (or get a good copy editor) before filing the story.

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