Friday, July 22, 2011

When a pers-on's name breaks bad

It's funny how a computer will break up names in a newspaper column. I found back-to-back paragraphs that did just that.

First, the machine split Brad Keselowski's last name into Keselows-ki. Then, it broke NASCAR into NA-SCAR. I'm sure Big Bill France never thought of pronouncing SCAR rather than CAR.

When I edited the story for the local newspaper, I used hyphens to break Keselowski and NASCAR at the right places.

It's a fairly common phenomenon, usually between the first and second consonant. Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski has gotten a few weird breaks. Same with former NFL coach Marty Schottenheimer. Charles Barkley used to come out as Bar-kley, and the late Dale Earnhardt often complained that the machine made his name Ear-nhardt.

It's a machine, so it turned a deaf ear on him.

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