Monday, July 25, 2011

Humbleness or humility?

Wrong word? I paused when I read this sentence:

Off the field, we've all been witnesses to how Rodgers has handled the messy transition from Favre, his humbleness and his understanding of the quarterback's role and the realities that come with it.

Perhaps humbleness should be humility.

Of course, it's easy to use the wrong word. Take this example:

Hamilton hit .359 with 32 home runs and 100 RBIs last year, continuing his resurgence following cocaine and alcohol addition.

I assume they mean cocaine and alcohol addiction.

Here's another sentence with a problem:

Therefore, this notion that Rivera can hire someone who might be able to develop an offense that can highlight the skill set of Jimmy Clausen, or whomever is the quarterback, is a little farfetched.

Yes, whomever should be whoever.

Finally, here's another sentence that interests me:

Ironically, the Miami Dolphins Week 14 victory over the New York Jets only lamented the team's wide array of shortcomings and needs.


Highlighted or spotlighted (or displayed) might work better than lamented. At least I only assume so, since I can't talk to the writer. I'd also put an apostrophe after Miami Dolphins.

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