Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Age-old discussion

Who vs. whom: We're back to the old "who vs. whom" debate. This was found in a Washington Post column — Then Hall decided to "rescue" Landry from a sideline full of Hall's former teammates and coaches, from whom he did not part on terrific terms. Instead of grabbing Landry and getting out of there, he became entangled in pushing and shoving. (Opinions differ on whom was more responsible, the Falcons or Hall.) But where were his teammates and coaches? The minute it was obvious Hall was involved in something on the opposing sideline, someone should have jumped in and pulled him out.

There are two "whoms" in this paragraph. The first was fine. Opinions differ on whom was more responsible... To my ear, who was more responsible... works better. In this case, who is part of a phrase, and the nominal (who) works.

Blustery verbal event: One of our local weather people just said we might have a "significant rain event." How about just heavy rain?

Story placement: Here's a blog about a story that appeared in the Salisbury Post on high-school kids letting 7,000 crickets loose in their school. There was an argument about the placement of the story; it was on Page 1 the day after local elections. It turns out, though, that they didn't release thousands of crickets; it was more like hundreds.

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