Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A headline that says something

Nice headline: The Salisbury Post ran a story on a cleaning woman who robbed homeowners. It was a small story, but I liked the headline -- Cleaning woman cleans out homeowners.

Some newspapers would not allow "cleaning" and "cleans" in the same headline. I once wrote "playful play by play," and the editor changed it to "comic play by play," which wasn't the same thing. Twenty-two years later, I still remember that.

Dueling heads: The NY Times ran two sports stories today with the name Curry in them. "Nearly Drafted by Knicks, Curry Gets Rude Welcome on Warriors" and "Curry Takes Step Forward, and Knicks Hope to Follow". The first story is about Stephen Curry, a guard drafted from Davidson; the other is about Eddy Curry, a veteran NBA player.

When I work once a week at the local newspaper, I have that problem occasionally. The biggest problem, though, is writing a headline about the St. Louis Rams or the Florida Panthers. A local university, Winston-Salem State, is the Rams, and there are the Carolina Panthers. So you have to be creative.

Needs editing: Found online -- Brown doesn't have a championship-caliber team in Charlotte, but he does have just the kind of complimentary and in some cases dependent players (Raja Bell, Boris Diaw, Tyson Chandler, Gerald Wallace) that would play so well off and around Iverson.

Sigh. They don't compliment each other. That would be "You're not only a tall man; you're handsome, too." He means complementary. Also, the players are people; you need "who" rather than "that."

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