Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A year early

I was looking at the date last week — mid-December 2009 — and immediately realized that we'd be hearing about players of the decade, teams of the decade and so on. And it's begun, since Tiger Woods was recently named athlete of the decade.

Athletically, I'd agree, but I won't go into that. On the other hand, the decade won't end until 2010. Let me explain.

The first year of the current calendar was 1, so the last year of the first 10 years (decade) was 10. The first year of the second decade was 11.

The 100th year was 100 and the 1,000th year of the first millennium was 1000. That means that the first year of the second millennium was 1001. The last year of the second millennium was 2000, and the first year of the third millennium was 2001. So partying like it was 1999 had no meaning, since 1999 was not the end of the decade, century or millennium.

The end of the first decade of the 21st century will be 2010. These people are just getting a jump on it.

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