Friday, December 18, 2009

Making a point...

Editing? Unpicked on Selection Sunday for the first time since 2004-5, Georgetown broke a streak of three consecutive N.C.A.A. tournament appearances — a streak that included a trip to the Round of 16 (2006) and a Final Four (2007).

Most editors let this go, but I always find a way to change it. If a team is in a winning streak, it has won two or more consecutive games. That's understood.

To say that Georgetown broke a streak of three consecutive NCAA Tournament appearances seems redundant to me. That's like saying the Hoyas had won three straight games without a loss. I guess the writer and editors want to make sure they get the idea across.

Here's another example from the same story. So far this season, Georgetown is undefeated through their first eight games, with wins over the ranked opponents Butler and Washington.

First of all, Georgetown and their don't go together; it's Georgetown and its.

Also, you don't need "So far this season..."; at least you could shorten it to "This season..." And instead of "Georgetown is undefeated through its first eight games," you could say that "Georgetown has won its first eight games."

Or Georgetown started its season 8-0.

And I'd say "over ranked opponents" rather than "over the ranked opponents." I don't think you need "the."

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