Wednesday, December 2, 2009

One person's edit...

Needs editing: All of these edits are from the same story. I can't fault the writer and his copy editors; I'd have made other choices in some cases.

“Jason Elam is a consummate pro and future Hall of Famer,” Falcons general manager Thomas Dimitroff said. “He faced challenges here, this year, unfortunately and handled it incredibly admirable fashion. But we as an organization felt that given the challenges in the kicking game, felt it was time to make a change and go a different direction.” (No, I wouldn't make this change in the quote; this is what he said. I'm only pointing out that he's saying pretty much the same thing twice.)

“[Bryant] was stroking the ball very efficiently and effectively today,” Dimitroff said. “He had a hand full handful out beyond the 50 mark there.”

Against Carolina, Elam, who appears to look down at the holder on kicks and not at the center, started and stopped his motion before the ball was snapped to Koenen by  Pittman snapped the ball to Koenen. This signaled, perhaps, that the ball might not have been snapped after Koenen gave the signal.

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